This handcrafted Ritual-Incense set pertains to the 5 elements and its numerical, energetically and 

chromatic dimension. Concocted with wildcrafted florals, selected natural resins, rare organic roots and planetary herbs and barks, endows these individual elemental fumigants with a rich purpose-built note and redolence.

Based on ancient occidental kyphi formulas, these blends of fumigants are instilled with precise theurgic substances and invigorated with emblematic entities like mother pearl, powdered crystal and minerals, ground horn, St Johns root, aqua de lourdes, sanctified soil, and other sacred materia. Furthermore, numerological prominence and astromantic zodiacal correlation is incorporated in this labor of passion, wisdom and love. 

The set comes in 5 different corked clear glass bottles: 

element fire, water, air, earth and aether, 

and is always crafted on full moon.

"The burning of incense is a practice that has been around for centuries. It serves many purposes                                      spiritual practitioners of all faiths and religions. The burning of incense helps                                      cleanse a space, set the right atmosphere for rituals, and lifts up prayers and workings to                              healing and higher powers. The burning of elemental incense can also give you a lot of