The Spiral Stair by Benjamin A Vierling

is a 2 color letterpress print of original Vierling ink drawing, limited edition of 90, signed and numbered,

100# real grey colorpan paper,

printed manually at Full Circle Press in Nevada City, CA, USA.

25cm high by 20cm wide.



Benjamin A. Vierling is a California based painter and illustrator working in traditional media. His imagery has embellished publications by Three Hands Press, Ouroboros Press, and Red Wheel Weiser Books. He has exhibited at the 2011 & 2016 Esoteric Book Conferences, and lectured at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, where a Decennary Retrospective of his work was shown in 2014.

Using predominantly a 15th century technique of mixing egg tempera & oil pigments, his work exalts the aesthetic ideal that art has the ability to unify disparate paradigms. Mythical references are integrated with contemporary subjects to bridge the timeless with the ephemeral in his iconic compositions.


The Spiral Stair

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