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Yvette's Projects

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Farrago Spiritum Tarot

The Farrago Spiritum Tarot 

“A farrago of all your hopes, dreams, doubts & fears in a mixed fodder of imagery … A tool for the journey”.


The Farrago Spiritum Tarot was born out of the collaboration of Seattle based Artist and Empath 

Yvette Endrijautzki and Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Teacher Raven Zingaro.

The electronic assemblage artwork of Yvette has emerged out of the visions and interpretations based on the body of acquired knowledge by Raven Zingaro. 

Born with a genuine intuitive gift and fueled with a lifelong passion for metaphysics, Raven has spent more than 30 years doing research, study and practice in Tarot and Astrology.

Professionally practicing since 2002, she is now an accomplished and well-known Tarot/Astrology Reader and Teacher. Traditionally educated in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, Raven discovered a passion for spirituality practiced by indigenous cultures. She then became dedicated to a more holistic approach to complete wellness by the integration and subsequent healing of the mind, heart, body and spirit as one.

Raven went on to study Tarot, Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanism & received and advanced degree in Metaphysical Sciences in 2010.


Yvette and Raven have been working on this project for many years now, and their complementary vocation and outlook, make this Tarot a chameleonic, multi-layered medium incorporating many different esoteric fields like astrology, shamanism, plant-medicine, numerology and mythology.


The deck has been launched in 2020.

For more information, click here:

logo Prima Matera Jewelry

Welcome to


...where Metal and Stones are married and transformed into something divine and unprecedented. 
Wearable Magick for your body, heart and soul.

 Red Copper for Venus and golden Brass for Mars - the planetary metals to uplift your spirits. 
Crystals are the metaphysical tuners, and metal their perfect conductor. 

It is the imperfections, the raw and the natural, that compels me to tell their story.

No piece will look the same, have the same surface, patina or shape.

Everything at Prima Materia is handcrafted with passion.

Besides Jewelry, I also create Accoutrements:
artistic purses, multi-functional cases, specialty folios, extravagant folders, pandora's boxes, and romantic note books made of found objects, upholstery fabric, leather and metal embellishments.

You can commission me to create a unique handcrafted artistry, like a one of a kind pendant, a specialty amulet, personalized folios, folders or cases.
The options are endless...



the movie Yamasong: March of the Hollows is a feature-length fantasy puppet film by Dark Dunes Productions with a cast featuring Nathan FillionAbigail BreslinGeorge TakeiWhoopi Goldberg, and Ed Asner. The movie, which is a sequel to the award-winning 2010 short film “Yamasong“, tells the tale of an automaton girl a tortoise as they search for a relic to save their world from a mechanized army.


photo: shooting of the temple

The Yamasong Temple was created by Yvette Endrijautzki.



Sam Koji Hale...producer

Adamo P. Cultraro...producer

Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki...producer

Toby Froud...executive producer

Heather Henson...executive producer

Mallory O'Meara...producer




Sam Koji Hale

Ekaterina Sedia


Abigail Breslin


Nathan Fillion


Freida Pinto


Malcolm McDowell

Lord Geer

Peter Weller


Whoopi Goldberg


Edward Asner

Elder Pyreez

Bruce Davison

P'Torr The Exile

George Takei

Elder Masook


for more info about

the publication of

the movie, visit

Yamasong on facebook

or click on the poster:

Yamasong/ Yvette Endrijautzki
Yamasong Hallow Temple

"An automated girl and tortoise warrior journey with a band of outlaws on an incredible quest. Their one hope is to find a legendary relic to defeat a sinister mechanized army and save the creatures of their world."


This puppet film was created by Elijah Evenson and Gisella Bustillos and is a DIY production created in 2016

for a documentary.

Yvette was hired to create an aquatic temple as a prop for this film.

The temple measures approximately

3 x 3 x 1,5 foot and was made out of found objects.

Puppets and other props: Elijah Evenson

Special effects: Elijah Evenson

Camera and Story: Gisella Bustillo and Elijah Evenson

below a clip of the short film (no sound yet!)

Underwater Temple, King Raveita

Underwater Temple by Yvette Endrijautzki


Into The Cold performs and records original conceptual music driven by anthemic riffs and layered female vocals based on compositions by Seattle recording artists Katy Cornell and William Stover; these pieces are further fleshed out with musicians Gene Devereaux, Denny Markopoulos, Keith Jaeger and Jason Rubin. Along with the current live backing vocal line-up of Nikol Fiala, Kristen Halberg, and Taryn Webber, the band fills the stage with different dimensions of sound and people. Songs for the eponymous debut full length album, Into the Cold, (released Summer 2015) are inspired by the paintings of artist Rebecca Miller, her work graces the album cover and the detailed liner notes of the new record. The album was recorded and engineered by the legendary Jack Endino at Soundhouse and in the ITC Studios with additional tracks completed in the Don Gunn studio. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio.

The current project of Into The Cold is Music Inspired By The Sculptures of Seattle Artist Yvette Endrijautzki. New Album is in the making. For more news check

Into The Cold
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