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A New Beginning

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

At last some updates: In the middle of my laborious Metamorphosis, I finally found some time to update my website and get a little shoutout about all the small and not so small changes in my life. I finally made it to my hometown, Wuppertal, in Germany, and settled into a very sweet apartment which is also my workshop, located in a very vibrant neighborhood called Luisenviertel (Luisen-quarter). After more than 6 weeks of temporizing, I finally got my internet activated. Europe is not only old - but it is also very slow. Things move VERY VERY slow here. The re-integration into Germany after 20 years is not as easy as I was hoping for, especially with such a cumbersome burea'crazy'. It is nothing but arduous and fiendish to me. Not easy for an artist mind. But I clench my teeth, as no transformation is easy. My jewelry workshop is almost set up. I had to change a lot of tools, buy volt converters and blew up some. Transformation is never easy. Ha! And it is not all about the volt divergence and the sockets here, but also about the hertz frequency (and heart frequency) and how different motors are build. This is also very metaphoric. Not to mention the language and mentality. Moreover, a lot of things have changed here in 20 years. Of course they did. I feel like a tourist and newbie in my own hometown. It takes some getting used to...

Meanwhile I have started working on my new portfolio (in German language) to be presented to German galleries and art associations. Besides, new assemblage work and some mixed media paintings have been created, and it seems that the industrial environment of the region of North Rhine Westfalia has quite some influence on my makings. A more abstract element is fused into my work as well, giving it a more simplistic shine. Here a few examples of what I have been creating.....

I hope that In the near future, I will be able to present my newest line of work in this region, but nevertheless, I also want to stay connected with my art community in the US, especially Seattle. I truly miss it.

But for now, the metamorphosis must go on, therefor the caterpillar is moving along.




Still on it! But of course, due to my cross Atlantic move, school had been paused for a couple of month. Now I'm back on track, continuing to learning the modern skills of a 3D designer. First I never thought that I would get into this very technical and mathematical type of art and medium. Though when I was in TelAviv last year, and had my first encounter with a 3D printer. It then really blew my mind, as I recognized the possibilities I have as an assemblage artist

and jewelry maker. My 3D-designed pieces on screen can immediately be printed in wax, which then can be used for bronze, silver or gold casting.

It skips several time consuming steps, and more so: complicated structures and unthinkable patterns, that a human hand is not capable to create with simple hand tools, can easily be translated through a 3D printer. So here we go...More reason to take these 3D design classes!

New projects and images should be updated in the 3D section of my website soon.

Stay tuned!


Farrago Spiritum Tarot


The giant Farrago Spiritum Tarot project with astrologer Raven Zingaro is about to be completed. CELEBRATION!!!!We have great news to share and am still working on our fundraiser presentation to share this project with you and the world. We are hoping to get the 78 cards published this year.

There will also be a STAGGERING FEATURE annexing the card deck.

I promise, you won't be disappointed!

But for now, it will stay a surprise, as there is still some work to do....

To see the card deck and learn more please






After 1 1/2 year of hiatus, my Prima Materia online shop

is up and going again. New jewelry and small art works will be available online. Come by for a visit!

To visit the online shop

simply click on the picture below:

#FarragoSpiritumTarot #PrimaMateriaJewelry #theartofYvetteEndrijautzki #3Ddesign

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