Yamasong-March of the Hollows: a (non-Muppet) puppet film

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

"Yamasong-March of the Hollows" is the first feature-length fantasy puppet film since Team America to rely solely on puppetry and will have its German premiere in Düsseldorf, November, 2018.

The movie tells the story about an automated girl and tortoise warrior journey with a band of outlaws on an incredible quest. Their one hope is to find a legendary relic to defeat a sinister mechanized army and save the creatures of their world.

Yamasong: March of Hollows” is the epic puppet storytelling tradition of Dark Crystal meets Studio Ghibli’s “Princess Mononoke.”

Dark Dunes Productions

and Taormina Films

have partnered with filmmaker Sam Koji Hale from L.A. to help realize this fantastical puppet vision,

with a screenplay by novelist Ekaterina Sedia.

"Yamasong-March of the Hollows" is the first major (non-Muppet) puppet film to be made in the US

since over a decade, with executive producers Toby Froud (son of Brian and Wendy Froud: remember the Dark Crystal?) and Heather Henson from

Henson Studios N.Y. (daughter of Jim Henson:

Sesame Street / Muppets Show / etc).

An amazing cast of voice actors blazons the magic of the movie: Abigail Breslin plays Nani, Nathan Fillion...Shojun, Peter Weller...Brujt, Freida Pinto...Geta, Malcolm McDowell...Lord Geer, Whoopi Goldberg...Yari, Edward Asner...Elder Pyreez, Bruce Davison...P'Torr The Exile, and George Takei the voice for Elder Masook.

Hired by Dark Dunes Productions,

artist and prop maker Yvette Endrijautzki, originally from Germany, has created a temple prop for the movie:

The Hollow's Temple:

On Saturday, November 3rd, the film "Yamasong- March of the Hollows" will be presented at the Film Festival for Puppets called Celluloid Golem Puppet Festival, taking place at the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf.

The festival is part of the exhibition "20 years of half past selber schuld“ at the Theatermuseum Düsseldorf.

The films are intended for an adult audience.

In addition to the screening of extraordinary puppet films, the Celluloid Golem Puppet Film Festival will provide a forum for discussion, inspiration, and networking around the art of puppetry for professional puppeteers, puppet filmmakers and the general public.