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Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

Into The Cold – is an Expansive Seattle based Alternative Rock Band,

performing and recording original conceptual music driven by anthemic riffs and layered female vocals based around compositions by Seattle recording artists Katy Cornell and William Stover. These songs are further fleshed out with musicians Gene Devereaux, Denny Markopoulos, Keith Jaeger, Jason Rubin and supporting vocalists Kristen Halberg and Nikol Fiala. Live, this fills the stage with different facets of sound, atmosphere and people.

The songs for the eponymous debut full length album, "Into the Cold", (released Summer 2015) were inspired by the paintings of Seattle artist Rebecca Miller.

Currently, Into the Cold is collaborating with German/Seattle artist Yvette Endrijautzki, developing an artistic multi layered stage presence with props, film, photos and sound.

The project is in the initial stage and will take some time for the complete actualization.

To get some ear-candy of Into The Cold or to purchase their latest album,

Inspired by one of Yvette's assemblage sculptures, you can check out below, one of the demos that Katy Cornell and William Stover created recently for the new ITC project .....

To listen, just click on the amp/ guitar:

Follow ITC on Facebook or check the ITC website for more information about shows, updates, news and more ....

Hope you will join for live show!

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