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Feeds On Majesty

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

Having grown up in the south, Seattle Symphony bassist Travis Gore and his project "FEEDS ON MAJESTY" bring timbres of the southeast to the northwest. As a group consisting of classically trained musicians, Feeds on Majesty has been growing into a psych prog-group with intermittent folk leanings. Beautifully eerie vocal harmonies, odd harmonic motions and melodic shapes as well as a huge dynamic range and a utilization of dissonance give them an eclectic and unique sound. Feeds On Majesty's individual members like Bryant Moore, Margaux LeSourd and Rob Tucker, can be heard playing high profile chamber music venues, edgy contemporary music programs in unconventional venues, major motion picture soundtracks, rock and punk bands, as well as latin, funk, and jazz groups around Seattle and other areas of the world.

In the first EP release, Feeds on Majesty merges bits of folk, psychedelia, punk, fusion, and contemporary classical music.

You can listen to the full EP at

More info can be found on Facebook, or just click on the EP cover below...

The EP cover was created by Seattle painter Hillary Gore (now Stone), Travis sister, who is now owner and facilitator of the frame shop "Lucky Rabbet Custom Framing & Artistry", south of Seattle's neighborhood Columbia City.

Feeds On Majesty's next album is still on the rise with the cover art created by Yvette Endrijautzki.

is one of Feeds on Majesty's songs which was used for a little video experiment depicting one of Yvette's assemblage sculptures, filmed by music artist and producer Gordon Raphael.

Death and Attachment

created by Travis Gore - contrabass, vocals, bass drum Ian Davidson - drums, vocals Bryant Moore - guitar, vocals, percussion Miles Panto - banjo Bill Patton - pedal steel

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