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"In the Lyme Light"

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

Life is always about art, as art has so many unthinkable forms. There is the art of conjuring and the art of expression. There is the art of giving, and the art of ending. There is the art of war and the art of healing.

And there is the art of survival.

The latter might be so mundane and trivial to the most of us, we don't even perceive it as a form of art at all, as it is about the ordinary affairs with day to day ups and downs, and our efforts to come by and manage livelihood, while getting on with what life has thrown at us, and keeping ones's head and a positive outlook.

But to carry all this into executions, who is to say, that this is not art?

In German, there is even a word for this, describing exactly this artistry of survival and a "savoir de vivre"-

it is called Lebenskunst.


"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.

Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind"



"Every scar tells a story. The story of survival, which wants to be turned into wisdom"

As some of you already know, Yvette had a stroke of fate that she was happen to be experiencing for quite some time. After dealing with excruciating pain and mysterious skin infections, she was stuck for way too long in a diagnostic purgatory. Eventually the right doctor came along, who then finally diagnosed her, amongst few other infectious diseases with Lyme Borreliosis.

Her life turned upside down, her art landed on the back burner, and the journey of healing became her focus instead. During this time, she kept a journal, bringing this roller-coaster ride to paper.

This journal evolved into a book, turning pages into incredible deeds and dealings.

"In the Lyme Light" is about her personal experience of overcoming, laying open and providing a new perspective on "dis-ease" and the returning to one's trueness. This book is a spiritual journey of an inevitable brokenness to essentially remigrate back into wholeness.

The book is in the finishing stages and in order to self-publish it, Yvette decided to start a campaign with "gofundme", hoping for donations to meet the requirements of the print and publication.

Please have a look at Yvette's fundraiser, and feel free to forward and share this page.

Just click on the gofundme widget.

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