Traum Tafel

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

In conjunction with Wuppertals socio-cultural event "Langer Tisch" (meaning "Long Table"), the Nautilus Studio will lay an exceptional table: the "Traum Tafel" which literally translates to "Dream Table", an expression with double meaning: an abundantly set table or a vision board, a tool to reinforce and manifest daily affirmations.

With its first official vernissage, the Nautilus Studio invited Parisian painter and furniture designer Liba Waring Stambollion, the Viennese painter and graphic artist Otto Rapp and US artist Jeff Mihalyo originally from Miami, now residing in Seattle. All three will exhibit a selected series of their original works as well as prints. Partly visionary and haunting, partly surreal and dreamy, the fabulous work of the three artists fuse into one wholeness, one dream work. To recount the stages of Otto Rapps life would take an entire book. To keep a long story short, his long-lived time in Canada has marked an important period of his artistic career. Since then he is known under the name of "The Mystic". Otto, a Jack of all Trades moved back to Austria, Vienna where he works and lives today.

("Standing alone in the woods", drawing by Otto Rapp)

US born artist Liba Waring Stambollion moved to Paris in the 90ies. To this day, this is where Liba works and lives. Together with her partner, she designs and produces furniture. As an author, painter, bookbinder, curator and mother of two children, nature consciousness and spirituality play a major role in her life.

(Selfportrait with heron, painting by L.W.Stambollion)

Otto Rapp, Liba W. Stambollion and Jeff Mihalyo are all members of the "Society for ART OF IMAGINATION". Liba und Otto will be in attendance especially for the "Traum Tafel".

The third exhibiting artist is Seattle born

painter Jeff Mihalyo. Geomancy, architecture, symbolism and his ever-travelling mind shape the power of his surreal, unique and recognisable work.

His paintings are a journey to a higher dimension.

(Crane Gate, painting by Jeff Mihalyo)

Airbrush artist Chris Lüning will blazon the street appeal of the Nautilus with an underwater world in live action. The "Libronauten", a workshop for creative writing and writers, will provide with gems from the literature treasure chest!