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"Trash to Treasure" - an Up-cycling Art workshop

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez. 2019

"Trash to Treasure" is an up-cycling art workshop as part of the Kulturrucksack, a cultural and educational summer program in Wuppertal.

Yvette Endrijautzki and Jana Turek have been teaching up-cycling and assemblage art for kids and teens at the Design Cafe SWANE .

The usually much busy street at the event space, surrounded by cafes, boutiques and restaurants, was completely empty and deserted. Everyone fled to the ocean.

Except us.

Despite the heavy heatwave, the kids and us were able to stay on the creative wagon in an unbearable heat of 40 degrees in the glasshouse at SWANE Design Cafe, in the middle of summer holidays.

Did we survive? YES!!!

And needless to say: the paint dried much faster, gluing was easy and the cold ice-cream reinforced our ambition ;).

Absolutely creative and surprisingly innovative, the kids and

mentors had a great and productive time!

On the 3rd day, we did a field trip to the Nautilus Studio. With much found object and assemblage art on the walls and shelves, the kids got inspired and motivated to create their own unique pieces.

On the 4th day, a camera team popped in and did some interviews with some of the kids. And finally, after a whole week of tinkering, and a constructive discussion and critique circle at the end, the results were then presented on stage of the House of Youth in Barmen.

Over 300 people were visiting the lively location and the mayor kicked off with a fabulous speech. From breakdance to DJ workshops, from circus clown to light installations-there was an array of creative energy, presented in many different ways like film, dance performances, live acts or art presentation.

Everyone was thrilled by the quality and zeal!

So will we participate again next year?

YES! Definitely... :)

Thanks kids and Kulturrucksack to make events like this possible!

And here a little photo album of how things are done when kids re- and up-cycle:

Aus weggeworfenem Spielzeug, alten Spielfiguren, Alltagsgegenständen oder gefundenen Objekten entstehen plastische Collagen, auch Assemblage genannt. Durch das Verbinden, Zusammenfügen und Integrieren verschiedenster Materialen, verwandelt ihr euren Trash (Abfall) in Treasures (Kostbarkeiten).Workshop für 10 bis 14 jährige im Swane, mit Yvette Endrijautzki und Jana Turek.

Datum Mo-Fr 22.7.-26.7.2019, 10.00-15.00 Uhr

Anmeldung oder in den VVK-Stellen

Leitung Yvette Endrijautzki, Jana Turek

Kosten Workshop inkl. Mittagessen 25 €, erm. 12,50 €

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